Our Customer Testimonial

Again – I just wanted to say your team was very professional and courteous! I extremely appreciate the additional personal time spent with me to review the pool and spa as I have never owned one before – Russell was very attentive and was very knowledgeable about the system! I also appreciate the personal walk through provided by Greg and the other members of the crew to identify all items noted!


If you ever need a recommendation, please have them call me – I would be more than happy to share my experience with your team!


Thanks again! And Happy Holidays to all of you and your families!!




Tiffany O



I wanted to send a quick email saying thank you for all you and your team's wonderful job you performed during the home inspection. My wife and I are extremely pleased with how everything turned out. As you know referrals in the real estate business are extremely important so I did not hesitate one bit when Gina referred you and said you were the best. You truly did a fabulous and professional job and I will be more than happy to recommend you to as many others as I can. I really look forward to using you and your team again on my next property/project. Also, It was great to see that individuals in your field can be so professional and well dressed. Usually inspectors just wear normal clothes without even a nametag. That was great to be able to know (the Name) of each individual I was working with.
Again Russell, Thank You so much, Also please tell Shelly thank you as well for all her help and generousness as well. She was extremely kind and very professional. I am very pleased with everything!
Tyler M


Thank you so much Russell. I am printing this info and giving it to my husband This is something we may consider. You guys did a top notch inspection on our house. Your staff is a crew that you can be proud of.

Dudley and Cathy T.


Thanks, it appears you did a thorough and detailed inspection. I appreciate it.

Kevin M.


Thank you so much for an EXEMPLARY JOB!
Cathy S.


Thank you Russell.

Your service is impeccable and Shelly is incredibly professional and is very customer service oriented. Thank her on my behalf for suggesting Wind Mitagation and Four Point. I would of completely forgot.


Thank you. We appreciate your professionalism and the thorough job you did on the home!

Brad and Vanessa J.


Thank you so much for your prompt service and flexibility!
We really appreciate you and the excellent work you do!
Have a great day,

Kris S.



Thanks again for the detail of the home inspection. I set a copy to my realtor who was blown away at the attention to detail and convenient layout of the report. He indicated it was much better than the companies he was previously referring home buyers to. Additionally, a woman I work with is in the process of buying a home so I showed her the inspection. She will be calling soon to use your services. Thanks again for your help.
Jason S.


Thank you.   Kudos to Russ and the crew.

Bob L.

Thank you very much for your prompt response. I appreciate it and will tell others of your services. Your office took my credit card # in order to pay for the services. Have a great weekend.

Dave K.

Russ,  Great job! you have a very impressive team of professionals. If you ever need a reference count me in.
All the Best,
Bill M.

Hi Russell,
You were fabulous AND Shelly was wonderful before, during, and after our home inspection!  Your communication system is outstanding!  We had contacted 2 other companies besides yours.  Shelly contacted us almost immediately AND I always knew that she was a phone call or e-mail away.  This was very comforting.
We loved your inspection report!  The report was very detailed and the information for repairs, etc. was very valuable.  It's obvious that you all are very good at what you do.
Shelly told us that if we have any questions about the report, then we can call her and she will communicate those questions to you.  She said that as soon as you are available, you will contact us with the answers.  So, once again, kudos to you all!!  By being available for us AFTER the inspection is done, shows us that you care about customer satisfaction.  That is priceless!!!
Thank you, thank you. thank you!  We will definitely use your services AGAIN!!! 
Michele V.
P.S. Please use any/all of my comments for your customer satisfaction reviews/testimonials, if you'd like!  I would recommend you guys 100%!

Thanks for your prompt service.  Patty D.


I thought I would send you a note on how very satisfied I was with the Inspection. My brother said your team was very coordinated in their efforts for insuring the best possible outcome of this inspection. The professionalism, detail, and overall analyzing of the house made me feel at ease with the end result. In todays' world of haphazard results, half finished commitments, and untrust, it is a pleasant surprise to find a company that still puts the customer first. For that i am truly grateful. I was disappointed that the pool pump was apart and therefore made testing impossible. I have contacted my Broker and as I write this memo, the pump  is being repaired( I hope) so at a later date it can be inspected. Again thank you for you report Gary P. L.

My Allstate rep (Patrick from Red Todd Ins.) was quite impressed with your report. Thanks again. DG

Thank you.  I was very impressed with the job y'all did.
Steve S.


Thanks Russell!!

Impressive Report!!
Leon B.

I am very impressed with how thorough the repost are. Thanks for the professionalism.

Dave F.

Thank you for your inspection service. You have a very professional and thourough inspection process unlike any I have experienced with my prior home purchases...
Jerry C.


Dear Russell,  Thank you for the superior inspection, I especially enjoyed the photos.  Top job, better then I have experienced in the past with inspections.  Sandy W.

P.S. Send me info on your home watch program...



I thought I would send you a note on how very satisfied I was with the Inspection. My brother said your team was very coordinated in their efforts for insuring the best possible outcome of this inspection. The professionalism, detail, and overall analyzetion of the house made me feel at ease with the end result. In todays' world of haphazard results, half finished commitments, and untrust, it is a pleasant surprise to find a company that still puts the customer first. For that i am truly grateful. I was disappointed that the pool pump was apart and therefore made testing impossible. I have contacted my Broker and as I write this memo, the pump  is being repaired( I hope) so at a later date it can be inspected. Again thank you for you report Gary L.

hi russell,
just printed out your report and have gone thru the deficiencies. all i can say is i've never seen such a detailed and professional report, i am impressed.
regards, rudy.

Thank you again on a great job on the inspection. We'd be more than happy to be used as a reference.
Curt V.

Thank you for your work. Only the radon test results are pending.
My wife, Melanie, thought you did an exceptional job.
More importantly, our realtor, who has attended countless home inspections, thought your team was the best, most comprehensive, most thorough he has encountered.
Steve H.

Dear Sir: Just a quick note to say what a thorough and comprehensive, well-documented report you have generated for this client. I do property insurance and also am a Realtor, and can honestly say, I have never seen such a good report. You are to be congratulated for your professionalism.

Thanks and best wishes,

Richard G.

Thank you Mr Hensel. I'm satisfied with this very comprehensive report.

Mirta R.

Thank you very much Russell, the report is very comprehensive. Truly appreciate your professionalism and quick turnaround on the inspection.

Have an amazing day

Jennifer L.

Hello Mr. Hensel,

I'm very happy that you were recommended to me for my home inspection.  I feel confident with the thorough work you and Mr. Spann did yesterday.  I will refer CBC to anyone I know who needs a home inspection. 
Have a good day,
Debbie F


Very impressive team.

Bob N.


Thanks for the inspection and the report. You and your team seemed quite professional and competent.



Dear Russell,

I want to thank you for the home inspection that you conducted for us. This was the most thorough and professional inspection I have ever seen. The process paid attention to detail and the results were communicated effectively and in a timely manner. We were alerted visually and narrativly to problem areas along w/ background information. Thank you again for your services,

Ted B. & Mary D.

Some companies understand the true meaning of customer service. Comprehensive Building Consultants and its President, Russell Hensel, personify the true meaning of customer service. Russ went beyond the call of duty by coming out on a Saturday to help with a problem. He was prompt, courteous and concerned about my issue. He followed up in a timely manner and I would certainly recommend him and his company to others. He sets a gold standard for others in his industry.

Creed S.

Bonita Springs, FL

Thank you Russ for a fine job.

Guy M.


Thank you very much for a very thorough and professional inspection.  We will be in touch to schedule a date for you to return to make sure the sellers have completed the repairs.

Thank you again,
Arielle G.



I just got through reading your incredibly wonderful report.  I am thrilled at the quality, the pictures, the details!  I cannot thank you enough for the job you did.  You are world class.  My sincere thanks to you and your team.

Jennifer, thank you so much for referring him to us.  He is a treasure.

Jackie M.



Thank you for the thorough inspection and prompt reports.

Brian and Linda G.



Thank you once again for the excellent service and professional printout of the inspection on our soon to be new home.
Bill W.


Thanks again, you do great work!

Best Regards,

Darla M.

Russell, Many thanks for your very prompt report.  We are indeed happy you didn't find anything too horrible or unfixable.  We will be staying year round, but if that changes, we will contact you for home watch.  Thanks again,  Ron M.


Dear Russell,

Thank you so much for our very comprehensive home inspection.  Rose could not say enough nice things about you.  We are investigating home management companies and would appreciate you sending us a fee schedule.  Hope to hear from you very soon.
Much thanks
Linda A.

As always thank you for your professionalism. Christie D.


Hi Russell,

I want to commend you for the excellent job you did inspecting Wood Ibis Avenue for me.

Stay well,
Stephan M.


Mr. Hensel,


Thank you for your prompt report on the property at Crown Arbor Way, Ft Myers. It will provide more than ample reading material this evening. I look forward to receipt of the Radon and Mold reports due later this week.


Again, thank you for your assistance.


Sam H.

Thank you very much for doing such a thorough job. We are pleased with the results and your recommendations.

I hope that the radon and mold inspections come back clear as well and look forward to receiving the results next week.

Take care,



Hi Shelly,

Please send my thanks to Russell and Blake, and of course you! You make my job easy.

Thanks again!

Stephanie H.


Thank you so much. Your inspection was incredibly thorough, and we do appreciate it. We will pass on your company's name to friends without reservation! 

Carol & Jerry C.


We would like to thank you for the very precise inspection you conducted on the condo.  My husband was very impressed with the booklets you printed out with all the informaton in them... It is easy to see why Stephanie was quick to recommend you and confident that you would do a great job.  Janet P.


Hi Cathy....

I was very impressed by Russells operation!


Charles A.



Your work was excellent.  David and I have bought several investment homes in Washington & Wisconsin and were very impressed with the quality of service that you provided.

David and Denise O.




I just wanted to let you know what a great experience I’ve had with my home inspection. I was completely satisfied with every aspect of the inspection and will definitely recommend your company. It was a pleasure to work with you.




Michael R.

Hey Russell - AKA Mr. Best Inspector!


It was a pleasure meeting you and we do sincerely appreciate your efforts during our inspection. I am interested in your Home monitoring services if we close…(Note I will be passing this on to my many friends who have homes in the area…you are very professional…)

Russell is one of the most professional and engaging Tradesperson I’ve ever met. He did a 56 page Home Inspection Report for us, that contained photos of deficiencies with red arrows in the photos. Russell pin pointed the issues and commenting on all aspects of the problem (With an Executive Summary) the same day of Inspection…all at a very reasonable price.


Best Regards,



Clement M.

Thank you for your good work……




Mr. Hensel, many thanks for your expeditious and thorough attention to this inspection!

Best regards, 

Jim U.


The inspector was excellent.

Mr. & Mrs. Brenner 

Excellent job, I certainly appreciate the effort and your findings.



Thanks, Russ!  You did a great job, and I especially love the return address labels :)
But most of all, you are the hero that saved my baby! (you should add that to your resume)

Hi Russ, 
Mucho thanks to you and Blake for checking out the homes tonite!!  Looks like
I have some follow-up to do,  but I feel armed with good info thanks to your thoroughness,
as always. 
I have forwarded the reports to my buyer and expect to hear back about follow-up.  I know they really appreciate your expertise also.
Thanks again,




We were very impressed with the job you did for us providing your inspection on the house.

Thank you,

Chris & Pam P.

Hi, Russell,  
Thanks for the labels.  We really appreciate your going to the trouble to do that.  Your performance, as usual, is "over the top".  God bless you. 
Joe and Barbara Z.

I received the report yesterday and absolutely love the address labels!
Thanks for everything.



Thank you so much.  Shelly, your dedication is remarkable.  Thanks for everything. 


YOU ARE MY HERO! Thanks for getting back to me so sooooon! You’re the BEST!

Amy V.

Thank you for such a great job.!!!

Edelmiro D.


Thanks Russ,

Mary and I were very impressed by your service and the report we received.
We have all of your info. and we will certainly call you if we need anything.
Pete N.

Working with CBC has been a great experience!  Their no pressure
approach combined with an informative and in-depth evaluation of our
potential purchase, has made the home buying process an ease.  There is
no question at all who we will go with for our inspections during future
house purchases!  Thank you Russ and Shelly for making this a great

  - Jeff S.

Russell: Thanks for the report. I admire your professionalism and attitude. I look forward to working with you again in the near future. Also, Shelly was very patient and professional in the office.  Thanks... Kit

Robert R. just called to let us know, "He has used numerous Home Inspection Companies and he is glad to finally get a home inspection report that he can understand".  He also said, "Thanks for all of the hard work and attention to detail".


CBC. - We cannot thank you enough for the excellent report and the expedient delivery of the inspection report.  The house was bought "as is" and many people thought we were crazy to get it inspected because the seller was not going to fix anything.  Well we found out there was much more wrong with the house than we originally thought.  We are still going to purchase the house because of the excellent deal, but now we can repair it properly.  Once again Thanks you for your Professionalism and prompt service.  Which, in todays market is very hard to find. 

Bob and Sandy S.


Ron T. called just to let us know, “Comprehensive Building Consultants did a great job on the inspection, Thank You”. He said, “Be sure to tell them that the report looks excellent”.

Thanks Russ,
Ron W. gave me your name.  I gave four inspection referrals to Ron & Margaret T.  They chose you out of the four and you did a great job.  I won't have any hesitations referring you again.
Bob D.

Dear Russell,
                   We finally found our Dream home and counted on you to tell us the condition of the home.  I cannot thank you enough for the finding of the several defects that would have cost us several of thousands of dollars to repair.  I am glad to tell you that the seller repaired all the items and we are now living in the residence and could not be happier.  The cost of you services is small compared to the services rendered.  please feel free to use this as a testimonial.

                                                                                 Mr. & Mrs. Rudy S.

Dear Mr. Hensel,

                             I just want to thank you and your team of professionals for a wonderful job.  No wonder so many Realtors on Sanibel use your company.  I purchased a home last year on Sanibel and another company did the inspection.  WOW, what a difference you are!  The other inspection was a handwritten carbon copy.  Yours was a detailed narrative report tailored for my residence and included numerous photos of defective items.  The free reinspection made me feel that a professional had my best interest at heart.  Once again, thanks for the great job and dinner is on me when I get to Florida.

                                                      Dr. James R. - Gross Pointe, Michigan

Dear Comprehensive Building Consultants,

Just wanted to drop a line and say thanks.  My wife and I were very nervous with this purchase.  It was a considerable amount of money and we were not present for the transaction.  You eased our minds with the detailed report and the courtesy inspection after the repairs were made.  Thanks again and may God Bless you and yours.

                                                                         Timothy and Sharon S.


          Just wanted to drop you a line and to tell you THANK-YOU.  The house was so aesthetically pleasing, yet when you did your job you found so many defects that we have decided not to buy the residence.  I am still going to purchase a home in SW Florida and will definitely use you in the future.  This could have been a $425,000 mistake that you saved us from.

                                                                               Peter and Sue T.

 Dear Russell, Shelly Sheri & Blake,

                                                     I am writing this note to say thanks.  If it was not for the free re-inspection we would have closed with numerous defects that have not been repaired.  The defects, as noted in the inspection report, were to have been repaired.  They even had receipts!  Good thing your company goes back and checks these items for free.  Once again thanks and your company is top notch!

                                                                                            Bill T.


       I was sceptical at first, so many people told me of your company and how you conduct business.  I always thought, a home inspection is a home inspection.  How wrong I was.  My experience started off with Sheri, she is professional in the office and then I met you and the inspection experience was professional from beginning to end.  Your detailed inspection and then the report with digital photos on site was amazing.  I knew the house was not perfect and it was an "as is" sale.  It was nice to know EXACTLY what I getting into.  Your ideas were right on target.  Once again, thank you and keep doing what your doing. 

                                                                                 Thanks again,
                                                                                            Susan K.