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This is a HOME your purchasing and ensuring the right people are performing your inspection is a must.  Here is a list of our qualifications.  But none of the qualifications can surpass the over 15,000 satisfied clients we have

First in SW Florida to become a Certified Master Inspector

I was the first Home Inspector to become a CIE but now have obtained the Higher credentials listed below.  No longer a member of the IAQA.

The first in South Florida to obtain this coveted title and only the SECOND in the state of florida to meet the criteria and pass the test that not only encompasses mold, but also Radon and Voltile Organic Compounds as well. 

Certified Indoor Air Quality Technician

 Indoor air quality technician Naples
EPA Heating Ventialtion and Cooling Certification Card

Mold inspection certification
EPA Certified Indoor Air Quality Technician

wind mitigation inspection
Wind Mitigation Class Certification

Although the licensing below is a requirement, just because you have the license does not make you qualified. radon business license naples

State of Florida Licensed Radon measurement Business

Radon measurement technician license
State of Florida Licensed Radon measurement Technician

 naples home inspection license
State of Florida licensed Home Inspector

Mold license state of florida home inspection
State of Florida Licensed Home Inspector

Here is a list of organizations we presently belong to:

MIES naples home inspection