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Please read below and see why we are totally different than any other Inspection Company in the NATION! You will see, the "competition" really isn't competition. They are performing the way inspections were performed 25 years ago.

Comprehensive Building Consultants sets the standard that all other companies are trying to achieve.

We are the inspection company that was chosen to inspect the largest home sold in the history of Southwest Florida at $47,250,000! This was a repeat client’s 4th inspection with our company. When someone is investing over 47 million dollars…they know to call!

Comprehensive Building Consultants

Here are the top 10 reasons we are not your "Typical Home Inspection Company"

1. We’re not just a "one man" show. We always have at least three and as many as FIVE professionals inspecting your house! Giving you a more thorough detailed inspection in a lot less time!

2. Certified by the State of Florida to perform classes, TEACHING others to become Home Inspectors. Less than 50 people throughout the state are authorized to teach this class. Russell Hensel, the Owner of Comprehensive Building Consultants, is one of them. You can go with the student or go with the teacher!

3. First Certified Master Inspector in the SW Florida area!

4. First inspector in Florida to become a Board Certified Master Inspector and Master Indoor Environmentalist!

5. First to set our own limits of liability WAY above the cost of the inspection. READ other inspection company’s contracts…they want to be liable for ONLY the fee paid! Apparently they don't have confidence in their own work!

6. First in the NATION to perform inspections using a multi inspector approach on the job and a mobile office for a speedy report.

7. First Home Inspection Company in Southwest Florida to offer Home, Commercial, Radon, Mold, Wood Destroying Organism, and all insurance related inspections at one company! We are a one stop shop for all your inspection needs.

8. We arrive with over $150,000 worth of equipment including multiple thermal infrared cameras, Bore scopes, moisture meters, radon machines, air quality machines, particulate counters, a mobile office and MORE!

9. Founder of the Distinguished Inspector Society, the nations most stringent criteria for a home inspector to become a member.

10. First in Florida to complete reports on site at the time of the inspection. Taking the "notes" home and trying to finish a report with other distractions is not conducive to a comprehensive and accurate report. Why not complete the report while on site where any questions can be answered?

How do I know this is better? I was a one man inspector company for years and tried it every way possible. I am confident that this process is by far the best process for the industry, and for you the Client. The days of the one man shop are gone. It's time multiple professionals evaluate your property for the most accurate inspection available delivered on the same day from the most advance mobile office in the inspection industry!

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Why do Southwest Florida's most elite Realtors and Buyers choose us? Research for yourself and see why the buyer of a $47,250,000 home chooses us every time he buys a home!

DON’T TAKE OUR WORD FOR IT! PLEASE RESEARCH OTHER COMPANIES. Nobody and I mean NOBODY offers all of this and a team approach!





A 200% guarantee!

Yes you read it right!
If you observe the inspection and you do not believe we are meeting or exceeding your expectations, before you get the verbal summary or the report, we will not only give you your Home Inspection fee back, but we will also pay another company of your choice to inspect the house, up to our original fee!

Yes, we are that confident in what we do!  Isn't everybody?  I mean they are inspecting YOUR future HOMES!


 State of Florida Home Inspector License #101
State of Florida Mold assessors license #69


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